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It’s not just Yoga ~ it’s a Lifestyle

FREE Community Yoga Classes * Paddleboard Yoga * Yoga as Therapy * Forrest Yoga  * Ashtanga Yoga  * Power * Flow  *  Gentle  * Restore  *  Yoga for Fascia Release


Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga Adventure with Jacqueline ~  Friday, April 18 ~ 9:30-11:00am.  We begin with a safety demonstration and then begin our ‘paddle’ to a pre-determined destination where we will  experience yoga on the water. Simple poses make this class available to everybody … “you go just as far as you want to get wet”! Modifications and advanced poses will be  introduced to create the experience you want to have. No yoga class is complete without meditation & savasana! This truly is a ‘Magic Carpet Ride’. Total SUP Yoga Bliss!

IMPROVE your GOLF & TENNIS GAME through Myo Fascial & Trigger Point Release with Tania Melkonian ~ Saturday April 19 ~ 1:30-3:00pm. During this 90 minute workshop, we will move through gentle yoga sequences, stopping along the way to explore fascial release techniques to hydrate fascial networks. Our practice will be peppered with trigger point therapy-inspired work using tennis balls for massage and release. Practitioners will leave feeling refreshed and mechanically and emotionally more efficient! Improve your golf or tennis game or find renewed confidence in your daily run, or power in your chatturangas! If you are healing an injury or suffer from joint pain or discomfort, you will find tremendous relief from this workshop.

Come and find out why 16 million Americans are doing yoga regularly. It really works!

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